How Can ClearCondos® Help You?


Agents, do you want to easily answer the following questions?

  • Will I be able to rent my unit?
  • Can I bring my pets?
  • Is it near a Metro stop?
  • Does the building accept FHA or VA loans?
  • Are there litigation concerns with the building?


Buyers, how do you know which condo is right for you?

  • Easily find a condo matching your preferences.
  • Know your condo is financially sound BEFORE you make an offer.
  • Narrow your search down to only the best associations.


Associations, are you using best practices to run your condo building?

  • Make your building more attractive to buyers.
  • Increase condo values and appreciation for members.
  • Learn industry trends to stay current.
  • Maximize every dollar spent for the benefit of the members.

ClearCondos® is the only source for comprehensive condo information.

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