Anyone who’s ever spent time in the nation’s capital can tell you that diversity is one of Washington, DC’s biggest assets. Reasons for living in DC are as varied as the city’s population. Some make permanent moves, while others reside there part-time for government work or secure spots to visit now and then.

What all people moving to or within the area share is a daunting task: finding a spot in the bustling housing market.

Condos in Washington, DC are popular because they’re not as expensive and are much more available than houses. They come without the challenge of exterior maintenance in a busy city but allow more freedom than apartments.

While DC condos are a top housing choice, it can be hard to pin one down. There are countless listings to pore over. Not to mention at least twice as many scams you have to tell apart from legitimate options!

With that in mind, a little guidance is invaluable as you narrow down the best condos in Washington, DC for your purposes. Take a look at this list of some choice Washington, DC condos for inspiration.

1. Jenkins Row

If you’re looking for the perfect blend of conveniences, look no further than Jenkins Row on Capitol Hill. These condos have rave reviews from residents who say they’re sparkling clean, safe, and have a friendly and dedicated staff.

The condos at Jenkins Row sit atop a pharmacy, a credit union, and other handy shops. Traveling to nearby areas and even far away is no sweat with all of the DC Metro, I-295, I-395, and I-695 nearby.

There’s a Safeway grocery store close to the condos, and the location puts you a few streets from lovely Anacostia Park and the Anacostia River. It’s also near the Virginia border and a short drive from Arlington National Cemetery.

If the area’s natural beauty isn’t enough to blow you away, Jenkins Row is also a couple of miles from the National Gallery of Art, the National Mall, and nearby countless monuments. Jenkins Row is an ideal spot to explore rental condos in Washington, DC.

Being on Capitol Hill, one of the condos’ biggest draws is their proximity to federal workplaces. If you’re a federal worker looking to buy a condo instead of hopping between rentals in Washington, DC, don’t wait to explore Jenkins Row. Another group enjoying the area are sports workers and fans, living between the city’s MLB and MLS stadiums.

2. The Rhapsody

The Rhapsody is a condominium complex aptly named for its location. It sits in the heart of the U Street neighborhood, an area famous for its rich history of black culture and artistry. Local icons include legendary musicians such as jazz legend Duke Ellington.

The Rhapsody is a convenient location for many reasons. Some of the biggest draws include its proximity to historically black Howard University and prominent medical centers such as the Washington, DC VA Medical Center and the Children’s National Hospital.

If you’re not in DC for academic or professional reasons, the opportunities the area offers will still leave you overjoyed.

Shopping destinations surround the building, with Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and Target a stone’s throw away. There’s also a vast selection of gourmet and everyday dining. Strolling to the Smithsonian National Zoological Park is a piece of cake and nearby Metro stations take you anywhere else you need to go.

3. Atlantic Plumbing

Atlantic Plumbing isn’t a utility provider but instead one of DC’s trendiest and most stylish places to live. The building has an edgy industrial look featuring exposed steel beams and lots of glass. While there are many wonderful places to buy a home in the area, this location focuses on luxury condos for rent in Washington, DC.

The building sits near the historic U Street neighborhood, across the street from the Howard University Hospital and College of Medicine. It’s surrounded by a diverse selection of eating places, historical locations, clubs, and bars.

Given the edgy character of these condos, you may be surprised to learn it’s a promising location for many religious individuals. There’s a handful of churches mere minutes away by foot, making Atlantic Plumbing a total match for young Christians who want to enjoy a youthful, creative atmosphere without sacrificing their values.

A couple of mosques are just as close, so the condos are also a choice location for artistically inclined Muslims. Jewish creatives living there have to walk a few minutes further to worship, but still have several nearby synagogues to choose from.

Buddhists and Hindus, among other religious groups, have fewer options in this area. However, the ease of getting around on the Metro with a stop less than half a mile away means attending a religious center is a minor hassle at most for all residents.

4. Lafayette at Penn Quarter Condos

Lafayette at Penn Quarter—known as “Lafayette Condo,” for short—is a condominium association with one of the most coveted locations in all of Washington, DC. It’s across from key government employment locations including the Capitol Building, the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, and the Federal Trade Commission. Even the White House is under a mile and a half away by foot.

It’s also in the heart of DC’s entertainment region, blocks from countless museums. Sports fans love the area due to the proximity to the NBA, WNBA, and NHL CapitalOne Arena. You’ll never go hungry or without party fuel, as it’s surrounded by restaurants and a couple of streets away from a liquor store.

On a much different note, you’ll be more than comfortable if you feel safe with law enforcement nearby. The Lafayette Condos’ relationship with the justice system doesn’t end with federal courts. They’re also neighbored by the DoJ, the DC Police Department, and the FBI headquarters, and several other security hubs.

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