When you think of Washington, DC, you probably think of patriotism and gorgeous green lawns.

While those are wonderful selling points of the city, it’s also a great place for anyone to live in.

Young and old, exercise nuts, and bright-eyed, ambitious college graduates — the city welcomes all sorts of people and is ready to entertain and provide for them.

That’s why considering DC could be the start to a great lifestyle. But to sweeten the deal, you’ve got to enlighten yourself on what’s so special about the city.

So keep reading to learn about seven reasons why you should move to Washington, DC. Even a single trip here will convince you to upgrade yourself from a tourist to a resident.

1. Daily Scenery

Washington, DC is beautiful. You’ll realize that with every head turn. Not only do the city’s parks stun residents and tourists alike, but there’s also plenty of greenery dispersed throughout the city.

This is partially because of the city’s building restrictions. No building is to be over 160 feet. Most streets limit building heights to 90 or 130 feet. This allows people to actually see the sun and their neighborhood park a few blocks away from their apartment building window.

Otherwise, there might be giant buildings blocking the view. This way, you don’t need a skyscraper view to bask in your city’s beauty from the comfort of your own home.

2. Eco-Friendliness

Moving to Washington, DC is great for anyone concerned about the environment. That, or you just want to live in an area with less air pollution and more flora.

Either way, Washington, DC has made strides when it comes to eco-friendly measures. Not only is there a ton of trees and gardens throughout the city (namely, around 7,800 acres worth), but the city is the most eco-friendly when it comes to transportation.

This fact is even more appealing to bike-lovers, as Washington, DC has the smallest percentage of driving commuters. Instead, residents can bike or even walk to work, school, etc. People can also use the city’s efficient public transportation system, one of our nation’s top public transportation systems.

3. Plenty to Do

A pretty view and fresh air are all well and good, but what if you’re just bored?

Luckily, there’s plenty of things to do in Washington, DC. For those invested in American history, there are memorials to honor and museums to explore. While the city isn’t afraid of showcasing its history, it has also got plenty to offer younger residents.

Even people from denser metropolitan cities don’t get too homesick in DC. If they ever want to take their mind off something, they have plenty to do. From taking a stroll in the park to shopping to catching a movie, residents young and old have plenty of ways to play in the city.

4. Housing Affordability

Affordable housing is one of the main reasons out-of-towners opt for a long-distance move. Justifiably so, considering that even Washington, DC condos can be far more affordable than those in other cities.

If you’re thinking of moving into a nicer place but can’t find one locally, broaden your horizons. Moving cities might allow you better housing without an income boost.

Mortgage rates are also cheaper here, making the city’s housing a great long-term investment, too.

Even better is the fact that there’s a diverse array of housing available. You will find an apartment unit or a condo that strikes your fancy.

5. Food Scene

Washington, DC is also a great place for foodies. If you love good food and finding new, exciting cuisines, look no further.

Of course, this depends on the kind of food you like. But swing by if you like great fast-casual grub, El Salvadorian menus, Japanese cuisine, Ethiopian food, and anything beyond or in-between. There’s bound to be a place or two that will ignite your palate.

6. Employment Opportunities

There are plenty of jobs in DC. That much is demonstrated through the city’s low unemployment rate.

For those looking for a place to settle, this is great news, especially if they’re worried about finding a job soon after settling down so that they can support their family.

If you’re worried about a months-long job search, don’t fret. If you want work, you can find it in DC a lot sooner than people would in some other cities.

7. Great Education

This perk is especially pertinent for those trying to raise a family in DC. Education is a huge concern for most parents, and Washington, DC luckily provides stellar public and private education.

The city also memorializes its rich history, adding an interesting dimension to the city’s educational scene. One that’s shown through museums, memorials, monuments, and much more. Having an education in DC lends your child plenty of unique opportunities to have a field trip in an incredibly educational setting.

Your child will also have an insight into contemporary American politics since many legislative decisions are made in their own backyard. This can foster a natural environment of learning that extends beyond their classrooms.

Start Planning Your Move to Washington, DC!

Whether you’re moving for family or better scenery, you’re bound to find joy with a lifestyle in DC. Especially if you enjoy low air pollution, a city rich with history, and a modern scene of the hustle and bustle.

If you’re considering a move to Washington, DC, let our team at ClearCondos offer you a warm welcome. With a unit in a DC condo building, you can enjoy modern luxury and gorgeously green views. Check out the available condos in Washington, DC to learn more!