One of the most popular neighborhoods in Washington DC, Dupont Circle has quintessential DC architecture mixed with a thriving local restaurant scene. Its proximity to bustling Georgetown and downtown museums makes it the perfect place to live.

Purchasing Dupont Circle condos is a fantastic way to invest in the neighborhood. If you’re thinking about purchasing your first home in DC, look no further than Dupont Circle.

1. Tons of Dupont Circle Activities

There are tons of activities for all ages in this area of DC. Check out Embassy Row for a look at the gorgeous architecture of the international embassies. The Phillips Collection is also nearby, which was the first modern art museum in the United States.

Visit Kramers to peruse the latest fiction releases and take your pick to the famous Dupont Farmers’ Market. Each Sunday, dairy from Pennsylvania, meat from Maryland, and greens from Virginia are available at an incredible market with every possible food item imaginable.

Partake in DC’s fitness culture by walking to a yoga, spin, or barre class from your new condo.

2. Amazing Food and Nightlife

To fuel the office workers, Dupont has every fast-casual food option you need. Don’t forget the coffeeshops! From pizza to cold brew, Dupont has it all.

At sunset, watch as the lights of the circle illuminate a trendy nightlife. From craft cocktail bars to clubs and sports bars, this neighborhood has something for everyone.

Since your condo is nearby to everything Dupont has to offer, a short walk home in this lively neighborhood is convenient and well-lit.

3. Incredible Common Condo Amenities

In addition to maintaining the landscaping and facade of the building, the homeowner’s association of your condo will provide useful amenities. Many condos have shared outdoor spaces, like courtyards or rooftops. A rare few even have a pool.

Bring your furry friend along, too, because some condos have green spaces.

4. Multiple Pricing Options for Condos

In comparison to houses, condos are much more affordable and provide a homier atmosphere than apartments. Prices vary depending on your needs, but in 2019, the median price for a condo was $483,000. With DC’s incentives for new homebuyers and the use of local lenders, many people find condos to be affordable in this neighborhood.

Keep insurance costs in mind when calculating the monthly expenses of your new condo. Thankfully, insurance for condos is cheaper than a house. Homeowners association fees may be higher in Dupont Circle than other neighborhoods to account for building maintenance costs, but that’s just the price you pay to live in one of DC’s most historic, charming neighborhoods.

5. Many Types of Dupont Circle Condos

Condos are a great option for many people because they require less maintenance than houses, yet have the same benefits of an apartment by being in the middle of densely packed and exciting areas.

In Dupont, you’ll find that many condos are in either row houses, bigger multi-unit buildings, or buildings with just a handful of units. Since there are so many types of condos available, you can choose if you’d like a separate entrance, a deck, or even parking.

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6. It’s a Good Investment

Since you won’t be spending much on maintaining a roof, fence, or backyard, condos are a great option for the long term. Especially in a neighborhood as busy and popular as Dupont, your home will only increase in value over time.

According to the National Association of Realtors, condominiums are the most affordable option for first-time homebuyers, young families, single people, and aging people.

Buying a condo is a great way to invest in the local community you love while not having as many added costs as a traditional house.

7. Condos Offer More Security Than Houses

Whether you have multiple units surrounding you or just one neighbor, condo living means you’ll have a tightly knit community of people who look out for one another.

Many condos hire security services. They may be in the form of a doorman, a front desk worker, or just a watchful eye in the evenings. No matter what they do, having the added layer of security makes condos a great place for anyone to live without fear of break-ins.

8. Amazing Access to Transportation

One of the top benefits of living in Dupont is the transportation system. Right in Dupont Circle, you can catch the Red Line of the Metro system and connect to tons of popular spots in DC, Virginia, and Maryland.

Don’t forget about the bus! Dupont has multiple bus stops that will bring you to any part of the DMV.

Walking and biking are also great ways to get outside in Dupont. The neighborhood is one of DC’s most walkable, which means it’s a super easy place to get around and has everything you need in just a few blocks.

Take a walk to the Georgetown Waterfront for fine seafood dining, a kayaking trip, or a view of Arlington. Shoppers rejoice! Georgetown has every possible store you’ll need, in addition to fantastic coffee shops and of course, cupcakes.

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