Condo Buyers

A Condo Buyers Information Guide

Shopping for a condo as your new home is hard. How can you decide which condo is the right one? There are so many factors to consider and very little time to make a decision. In DC, for example, you may have only 72 hours to review the condo documents and be OK with everything they tell you. So spend some time getting familiar with all aspects of condominiums before you make an offer. We are breaking down all of the confusing condo topics we can get our hands on below. If you have any suggested content missing from our offering, use the form on the right to contact us an let us know. We are here to serve your condo information needs.

buying a condo vs buying a townhouseDo you want to buy a condo? That is awesome! Whether a first-time homeowner, moving to a new city, or investing in a rental property, buying a condo can be a great decision. However, buying the right condo for you is a very personalized decision. Everyone wants different things in their perfect home and you need to find the condo that delivers what matters most to you.

As you do so, you should make sure that you know a few key points. Six of the most important things to know are covered in this article.

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