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5 Best Neighborhoods in DC to Move to in 2022

The Capitol

Did you know that approximately 714,000 people live in Washington, DC? Along with the people living in DC proper, additional hundreds of thousands commute to the city for work each day. If you’re moving to the DC area and want to skip the commute, you’ll have to do some digging to find the perfect spot within the…

Washington, DC Real Estate Trends in 2021

DC suburbs

It’s tough to be a buyer in the Washington, DC real estate market right now. Prices have soared in 2021 after the major disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. That is why it’s more important than ever to be on top of all the housing market trends in Washington, DC. Understanding how the market fluctuates…

How to Prepare For a Long-Distance Move to Washington, DC

Young girl sealing with tape big cardboard box for moving

Are you getting ready to move to DC? Where are you coming from? If you’re coming in from out of town, it’s completely normal to feel stressed out about your long-distance move. Moving from one side of town is complicated enough. Moving across state lines is another story. Not only are you moving to a new city…

4 Examples of Stylish Condos in Washington, DC

Modern condo buildings with huge windows in Montreal downtown, Canada.

Anyone who’s ever spent time in the nation’s capital can tell you that diversity is one of Washington, DC’s biggest assets. Reasons for living in DC are as varied as the city’s population. Some make permanent moves, while others reside there part-time for government work or secure spots to visit now and then. What all people moving to or within the…

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Washington DC Condos for Sale

White buildings on streets of Washington DC

Looking into condo units to kickstart your DC living? Buying a place to live in is never easy, no matter where you live. Home shopping in Washington, DC can be harder, especially if you’re new to condominium units. Juggling budget and lifestyle can take a lot of patience. If you’re looking to invest in a condo unit…

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Condo

Modern and stylish Condo real estate low rise

If there was any time that is the best time to invest in a condo it is now. In May of 2020, condo sales dropped by more than 50%. They dropped again in June of 2020 by over 30%. When sales go down, prices tend to follow. If you’re asking yourself, “Should I get a condo?” this…

7 Reasons to Move to Washington, DC

Row houses in Washington DC on a spring day.

When you think of Washington, DC, you probably think of patriotism and gorgeous green lawns. While those are wonderful selling points of the city, it’s also a great place for anyone to live in. Young and old, exercise nuts, and bright-eyed, ambitious college graduates — the city welcomes all sorts of people and is ready…

Benefits of Logan Circle Condos: Your Guide

logan circle condos

So you’re moving to Washington, DC. Maybe you got a job there or are trying to be closer to family. Whatever the case, you need a place to live once you get there. You want a neighborhood that’s safe and walkable. You want it to have things to do nearby that appeal to your interests….

Why Dupont Circle Condos May Be the Right Choice for You

House key on a house shaped keychain

As the home of over 70 embassies, Dupont Circle sees new faces from all around the world, which helps make Dupont Circle a great place to live. Tree-lined streets, elegant row houses, and quirky local businesses abound in this neighborhood. It’s a traditional home of activism, nightlife, and the arts. And for those who find those old-world…

First-Time Condo Owner? 10 Tips When Buying Logan Circle Condos

Logan Circle condos Washington, DC

Are you in the process of purchasing a condo amongst all the Logan Circle condos? Or, perhaps you are taking steps towards buying your first condo. Congratulations! Research shows that the average buyer needs to save nearly six and a half years for a property down payment. You have probably spent time saving, sacrificing, and getting…