Don’t let the size distract you. As one of the smallest major cities in America, Washington, DC still has much to offer residents and visitors.

This city boasts its own unique culture, an amazing food scene, and buzzing nightlife, all while being home to the country’s government. There’s no city quite like the District, so it’s no wonder people are flocking to it.

Like any major city, high rise living is the way to go. So if you’re looking for condos in Washington, DC, what neighborhoods should be at the top of your list? How about the area around Cleveland Park and Woodley Park?

Here are some reasons you might like these neighborhoods.

Where Are Cleveland Park and Woodley Park?

Washington, DC is divided into four quadrants, Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast, with Northwest being the largest. This distinction is important to know to navigate around the city.

Both Cleveland Park and Woodley Park are uptown neighborhoods in Northwest DC, known for marrying historical landmarks and natural beauty. These two neighborhoods are more scenic and quieter because they’re further from the bustling downtown.

Though they may not be part of the main action, bars and restaurants in and out of the neighborhood are easily accessible. Nearby neighborhoods include Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle, and Mt. Pleasant.

But for those who wish to stay in the neighborhood, Cleveland Park and Woodley Park have plenty of attractions to explore.

Great Places to Eat

If there’s one thing outside of politics that Washington, DC is known for, it’s the restaurant and bar scene. Each neighborhood offers something special. But you won’t have to travel across the District to find something delicious.

Residents of Cleveland Park and Woodley Park can find a variety of unique fare in their own backyard. The busy strip of Connecticut Avenue boasts delicious restaurants and cafes for residents and visitors to enjoy.

One of the city’s best brunch spots is Open City, a coffeehouse, diner, and bar that offers all-day brunch and homemade pizza. District Kitchen and Lebanese Taverna are great options that offer Mid-Atlantic and Mediterranean dishes, respectively.

Beautiful Historical Attractions

These two neighborhoods in Washington, DC offer some of the best preservations of history in the city. Historical landmarks, grand hotels, and stunning architecture are throughout Cleveland Park and Woodley Park.

But the most well-known historical landmark has to be the “National House of Prayer,” or the National Cathedral. Visitors from around the world travel to DC to see the stunning Neo-Gothic architecture and beautiful gardens surrounding it.

In these neighborhoods, you can also see the restored Peirce Mill. This 19th-century mill is powered by water, ground corn, wheat, and rye. You can also find the President Woodrow Wilson House in this neighborhood and the Rosedale Conservancy.

Enjoy Nature

Gorgeous scenery is one of the top reasons that people flock to Cleveland Park and Woodley Park. And the many green spaces that create the landscape are to thank. Rock Creek Park is 1,754 acres of national parkland right in the heart of the capital.

Biking and running trails wind through this land, and there are picnic spots galore by the encompassing creek.

It’s in Cleveland Park where you can find Klingle Valley Trail. Just under a mile, this multi-use path passes under Connecticut Avenue and runs parallel to Klingle Creek. You can bike, hike, and walk to Tregaron Conservancy.

Another historic woodland, Tregaron Conservancy, is 13 acres of trails and meadows open every day for visitors to walk and admire the beautiful original design of landscape architect Ellen Biddie Shipman.

Must-Visit Attractions

You may not think there’s more to do in Cleveland Park and Woodley Park, but there is. These neighborhoods have more must-visit attractions like the Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens.

This Georgian-style home, once owned by Marjorie Merriwether Post, is now a museum of decorative objects, contemporary art, historical fashions, and stunning jewelry. This mansion-turned-museum also features 25 acres of gardens visitors can explore.

But the most well-known attraction in the Cleveland Park neighborhood is the Smithsonian National Zoo. The zoo is free and attracts more than 2 million visitors annually. It has over 1,500 species and over 163 acres. Learn about all kinds of creatures from around the world, enjoy on-site dining, and bring home a keepsake from the gift shop.

Annual Events

There’s always something to do in Cleveland Park and Woodley Park, including annual events that take place in the heart of the neighborhoods. And if there’s one thing DC knows how to throw, it’s a festival.

The Citi Open is held at the Rock Creek Park Tennis Center every year in August. This tournament attracts the best tennis players from around the world, and visitors can watch nine days of matches right by where they live.

Cleveland Park Day is an annual event where residents celebrate the neighborhood’s history and local culture. A parade, games, street vendors, and live music all come out during October. It’s a great way for new residents to see their neighborhood.

Getting Around Cleveland Park and Woodley Park

Commuters can use the conveniently located Woodley Park Metro stop on Connecticut Avenue as a gateway to other neighborhoods. There are also Metrobuses that travel throughout the District.

For a large city, DC is walkable, and that extends to Cleveland Park and Woodley Park. Walking throughout these neighborhoods is a great way to get around to shops and restaurants. And biking has become much more popular in recent years.

Where to Look for Condos in Washington, DC

If you move to Washington, DC, there’s a near guarantee that you will always have something to do. Museums, attractions, and great restaurants are just the start. And festivals, shows, and concerts that come every year are the cherry on top of the cake.

When living in DC, you want to get as close to the action as possible, so you have to pick the right neighborhood. When you’re looking for condos in Washington, DC, keep in mind what you want to be close to.

The truth is, every area offers something unique. But Cleveland Park and Woodley Park are great areas to check out.

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