What is the CondoScore® methodology?

The CondoScore® rating methodology measures the value provided by a condo association relative to the local market using a proprietary system. The CondoScore® rating methodology is based on the building’s amenities, services, and financial performance in relation to its condo fees. Comparing CondoScore® ratings across buildings helps assess whether a building’s condo fees are “worth it.”

For each condo building, CondoScore® evaluates a multitude of data points including condo association fees, individual unit par values, building amenities, services, financial performance, and neighborhood standards.

The CondoScore® ranking system compares an individual condo’s CondoScore® rating to the local market and provides a helpful quadrant placement for that condo.

Where do your condo fees stack up?

What is the CondoScore® rating scale?

CondoScore® Categories

Each CondoScore® represents a percentile ranking of value against all other associations.



Percentile Range


Top 10%


Top 11-30%


Middle 40%


Bottom 11-30%


Bottom 10%