Condo Buyers

You want to own your first home and start the search online. Fortunately, many condominiums offer the amenities you desire at a price you can afford. How do you determine which condominium is the right one? Considerations include fees, parking, amenities, storage, location, reserve funds, rules, and more. Condos are complicated.

ClearCondos® is working hard to simplify condos for you. Every condo building is unique. Identifying and quickly comparing the differences is tough and we are changing that. Start your search for DC condos with us today.

Condo Sellers

Maybe you are reaching a new point in your life. You just got engaged, or maybe you just want more space. The condo that was perfect for the single lifestyle is starting to feel crowded. So, you decide to sell. Which agent knows your condo association’s advantages and knows how to highlight them?

ClearCondos® real estate agent partners are the best in the business, and confirmed to be some of the smartest agents when it comes to listing condo associations. We do not work with agents that have no experience with condos. Our agent partners walk the walk and talk the talk.

Condo Managers and Boards

You are stretched too thin already. Between emails, phone calls, drop-in visitors, and other constant interruptions, you can hardly get anything done. Yet more and more work is being piled on your plate every day. It is exhausting!

ClearCondos® condo manager tools are built to make your life easier. Take control of your condo’s online presence and image using our platform. Take 5 minutes to publish condo association information that is accurate, and reap the rewards of not having to explain to every single agent and every single buyer, every single year, that yes, water is included in the condo fees and you have a grill on the rooftop. The return on your five minutes will be hours and hours each year, freeing up your time for other pressing matters.

Furthermore, we are developing tools using AI, machine learning, and automation, to help ease the condo manager’s workload and streamline processes for your condo operations. Reach out to us now if you are interested in being a beta user of our association manager tools.

Condo Investors

We designed the CondoScore® rating system to give confidence in the value for the fees provided by a particular condo building. Imagine sifting through the noise and finding the condominium that offers exactly what you want for the most reasonable fees. We are working to allow you to do that and more.

Additionally, rental caps and restrictions are a concern that may not be addressed until you have already made an offer, but we are changing that. When you want to buy a unit and intend to rent it out in the future, there is no need to even tour a unit for sale if it does not meet your rental criteria. Your time is valuable. Let us help you scout out rental opportunities before you visit a condo to make an investment decision.